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health data from ●birth are al■l in a cloud f○or doctors t■o refer to■, data of ever○y motor vehicle is● in a cloud fo■r traffic pol〓ice and hos〓pitals t

o follow in ○case of an emer■gency, and for insur〓ance compan■ies to checkIn or●der to achieve suc○h a connec◆ted digital so●ciety, the c○ompany suggests c

d the○ world  make◆ their ICT regu■lation less res■trictive but mo◆re compreh〓ensive.The co■mpany says every co●untry should be buil■ding more digital

d in the futur〓e.People can◆ unlock the door● of their hou○se with a cl●ick on smartphones a●nd control othe○
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